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Yacht Charter Croatia With Skipper

boat rental Croatia with skipper

When planning their yacht charter Croatia holiday, many opt for skippered yacht charter as it provides them with the ideal way to have a relaxing and carefree holiday at sea.

Skippers in Croatia possess in-depth knowledge of its coastline and islands, and can advise you on where you should visit according to your personal tastes and budget. Their daily rates typically start from 150EUR plus accommodation costs on board.

Experienced skipper

An experienced skipper is an invaluable asset when chartering a yacht. Their vast sailing knowledge will ensure all technical aspects of your trip run smoothly while they recommend suitable mooring spots and restaurants in town or nearby attractions.

Skippy also knows Croatian weather well and can adapt your itinerary accordingly. Since land masses enclose much of the Adriatic Sea, sudden changes in wind and weather conditions may occur unexpectedly; having a skipper ensures you remain safe at all times while making sure you get the most from your cruise experience.

Costs associated with hiring a skipper depend on your length and type of yacht charter, typically between 150 to 300 euros per day in addition to charter fees. As with any service provided by anyone you should also consider tipping them appropriately should their service meet or exceed expectations.

Local knowledge

Experienced captains will know where the best hidden beaches and spots are, while offering advice about water activities you should try during your voyage.

Your captain will show you all that Croatia has to offer, from relaxing cruises to Dubrovnik or discovering its islands of Kornati. He can show you everything this stunning country has to offer from rich culture, UNESCO sites, delectable food and wine offerings from its many restaurants as well as friendly people and breathtaking natural beauty – Croatia truly is an amazing sailing holiday destination!

In July and August, you can experience the most lively coastal towns, festivals and events; however it is also the busiest period for renting yachts – and skipper services tend to increase during this period. To avoid crowds altogether, consider visiting during May to June or September to October shoulder seasons instead.


If the weather doesn’t play according to plan and things go as expected, your skipper should be able to manage most situations on board. In case of more urgent emergencies, they will provide contact details for Rijeka’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC).

Skilled skippers have spent years sailing the Adriatic Sea, becoming experts on its many nuances. They will advise on where you should visit depending on your personal tastes, from relaxing on a secluded beach to island hopping and experiencing Croatian cuisine.

Your charter price will depend on several factors: type and size of boat; time of year desired for sailing; fee to hire skipper as well as food and drinks (tipping is customary but completely up to you); embarkation generally occurs around 5 pm; embarkation starts later that evening.


Hired skipper can ease the tension out of any sailing trip and let you relax, managing all the details for you while serving as your local guide, providing insights only locals know about.

Croatia is an unforgettable sailing destination, boasting stunning natural beauty, fascinating architecture, rich history and incredible cuisine. From island-studded coastlines and crystal clear waters to breathtaking mountains and sprawling landscapes, Croatia has something to offer everyone.

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