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Yacht Charter in Croatia

Crewed yacht chartering in Croatia offers the ideal way to experience luxury tourism. Escape the crowds and discover this spectacular coastline at your own pace!

Those planning a boat rental Croatia must keep in mind that, by law, one individual on board must hold a valid sailing license. The best time and season to sail in Croatia are outside the high season from May through June and September through October.

Bareboat charters

Croatia’s 1,100-mile coastline and crystal clear waters make the country an irresistibly alluring sailing vacation spot, and boast an array of boat types for every preference imaginable – be it relaxing on a beach, exploring secluded coves and islands or taking advantage of bareboat charters that allow full freedom in exploring all their ports and islands without the pressures or constraints imposed upon you by a charter company.

Bareboat charters require you to have prior sailing experience and navigation qualifications; otherwise you can hire a skipper at an additional fee. These charters are popular among families and groups alike and peak season for charters is July and August but you may still find some sunshine during June and September!

Prices of charters depend on time of year and boat type; sailboat rentals start from $560 daily while catamaran rentals can cost as much as $860 daily. Extra services such as transfers, early check-in, and security deposit insurance can also be added on.

Skippered yacht charters

Skippered yacht charter is an excellent solution for those without sailing licenses or who may be concerned with their capabilities, providing an enjoyable sailing holiday for both novice and advanced sailors alike. Additionally, these holidays provide a stress-free vacation.

Sailing Croatia can be an unforgettable experience with many hidden treasures to uncover. Boasting stunning beaches, historic medieval cities and lively ports; Croatia is an extraordinary Mediterranean gem. Dubrovnik boasts Game of Thrones filming locations; Split boasts the Diocletian palace; while chartering a private catamaran yacht will allow you to uncover all that Croatia offers!

Professional captains will be adept with almost all boat types and know the local climate conditions as well as which restaurants and towns to visit. Your itinerary can be customized according to your individual needs and wishes for an unforgettable vacation experience.

Catamaran charters

Catamarans are an increasingly popular choice for sailing holidays due to their spaciousness, comfort and stability. Plus, these watertight vessels contain several watertight compartments which will help them remain afloat should an accident or leak occur.

Catamaran charter Croatia promises an extraordinary adventure amid the country’s unparalleled natural beauty and vibrant culture. The Dalmatian Coast features crystal-clear seas, stunning beaches, charming coastal cities with rich histories, and captivating coastal cities with picturesque locations that promise an amazing journey.

History enthusiasts should start their boat trip in Sibenik, where they can discover its distinct architecture and soak up its old-world charm. Fans of Game of Thrones may follow in the footsteps of their favourite characters by visiting Dubrovnik which served as King’s Landing in the series. Dubrovnik serves as an amazing sailing destination with beautiful beaches and old towns for sailors to discover while Kvarner Gulf provides yet more sailing experiences with wonderful beaches and ports for sailors to sail the Kvarner Gulf; sailing can also take place there in late spring or early fall, when conditions tend to be calmer and less crowded conditions are perfect for sailing in Croatia!

Motorboat charters

Motor boats provide an efficient means of exploring Croatia’s stunning islands at a faster pace. Offering more space and comfort than sailboats, motor boats allow guests to discover this gorgeous region more quickly. In addition, motor boats are more agile than larger luxury yachts so can help visitors to get around more efficiently while discovering it all!

Dependent upon your preferences and experience level, motor yacht chartering can either be crewed or bareboat. Bareboat rentals tend to be less costly but require you to possess a skipper license in order to sail them. Most weekly charters last from Saturday afternoon until Friday morning, offering ample time to visit Hvar’s vibrant nightlife, Korcula’s charming old town or Mljet’s paradisiacal national park. Remember when creating your budget that motor yachts consume significantly more fuel than other boats – factor this into your budget when creating your budget so as not to overspend on overall charter costs!

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