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Yacht Charter in Croatia – The Mediterranean Paradise

A yacht charter in Croatia is the ideal way to experience this stunning Mediterranean paradise. You can sample gastronomic delights overlooking shimmering marinas, swim in crystal clear waters, dance the night away under the stars and much more.

Whether you want to rent a fully crewed, captain-led or bareboat yacht, our charter experts can help you find the best option for your Croatia vacation. Discover the countless treasures hidden behind Croatia’s gleaming beaches, exhilarating inland adventures and romantic medieval towns.


Located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s idyllic verdant islands and ancient coastal cities have made it one of Europe’s top yachting and cruising destinations. A yacht charter is a luxurious and intimate way to experience this remarkable country and its crystalline waters, from the comfort of your private vessel.

Whether you are an experienced sailor looking for a new challenge or a beginner hoping to learn, our professional crew will happily customize your itinerary according to your preferences and yacht’s capability. They will also take into account weather forecasts and any other relevant information to ensure your sailing trip goes smoothly and that you’ll have a safe and enjoyable adventure.

You may opt for an island-hopping itinerary or a more inland journey, taking in the many cultural highlights that this country has to offer. Our skippers are knowledgeable about local culture and can help you find the best places to dine and explore. They are also able to take you to less-visited islands that aren’t quite as well known, giving you the chance to see a side of Croatia that is untouched by mass tourism.

Sailing in Croatia is easy, with clear and warm waters and reliable winds. Navigation is simple, line of sight and the country’s large marinas have plenty of berths for mooring, so you can quickly settle in and feel at home on your boat.

If you choose to cruise in high season (July and August), you’ll benefit from an abundance of restaurants, cafés and bars. However, if you’re a fan of tranquility and privacy on board your yacht, then the shoulder seasons of May and September are ideal – with their sunny and warm weather, but without the huge crowds of summer vacationers.

The luxury yachts that you can charter in Croatia include a captain, chef and stewardess to look after your every need. These vessels are often smaller than the ones that you’d hire in Greece and can easily accommodate up to 8 guests, including your skipper and hostess.


Croatia is a perfect destination for those seeking an exclusive, luxury yacht charter. You can enjoy a fully catered service and bespoke experiences aboard a modern or classic motor yacht or catamaran. Choose from a wide range of cabins, including Pullman beds for children to make the most of your charter holiday.

Whether it’s the cosmopolitan shopping and nightlife of Hvar or the historic charm of Dubrovnik, there is plenty to discover on your charter yacht in Croatia. The country’s rich cultural heritage has been shaped by centuries of Illyrian, Roman, Christian, Venetian and Austrian influences. You’ll find a fusion of styles in the ancient walls of Dubrovnik, UNESCO-listed beaches of Hvar and picturesque islands of Mljet.

A luxury croatia yacht charter is an ideal way to explore the Adriatic coastline, with stunning national parks, sensational party islands and vibrant city life. Guests will be able to relax in peaceful anchorages and savour the local wines, food and culture. You can also delve into history by visiting the many palaces and monasteries that scatter the coastline and islands.

When deciding on a yacht charter in Croatia, you should consider your travel dates and budget. You’ll need to factor in the cost of flights, accommodation and extras such as a dinghy, watersports and shore excursions. The size of your group will influence the type and size of yacht you should charter, with most luxury vessels offering up to six cabins. Choose a yacht that suits the number of people travelling with you, and work out your sleeping schedule ahead of time. Most yachts have double or twin cabins, with the majority offering en suite bathrooms. Some yachts can even be arranged with a master stateroom and a guest cabin for those travelling with children.

When choosing a charter yacht in Croatia, you will need to decide whether you’d prefer a skippered or crewed option. Most itineraries include a skipper and a hostess as standard, with additional professional hands available on request. You can also add a chef, an interior designer and other services. In addition to the yacht rental, you will need to pay a marina fee and leave a security deposit on check-in (similar to when hiring a car) which will be returned once your charter has concluded.


Croatia’s spectacular coastline and verdant islands combine with a cosmopolitan lifestyle to offer a unique yachting destination. Having been a contest of competing empires for millennia, the country is brimming with an astonishingly rich cultural heritage. From the Venetian palaces and designer boutiques of Hvar to the Benedictine beauty of UNESCO-listed Dubrovnik, it has something to satisfy every taste. In addition, Croatia offers a wealth of stunning natural attractions, including waterfall-clad national parks, pristine beaches and crystalline blue seas.

When you charter a yacht in Croatia, you can visit many of the region’s most popular destinations. However, it is also a perfect opportunity to explore secluded bays and unspoiled islands that few other tourists can access.

The pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful blue seas of the Adriatic make it one of Europe’s most alluring sailing destinations. A cruise around the coast of Croatia will reveal picturesque fishing villages, and in larger ports you will find a range of smart restaurants serving local seafood dishes such as fresh squid or sardines. For something a little different, try the locally produced Paski sir – a cheese made from sheep’s milk with a strong, salty flavour resulting from the sheep’s diet of wild herbs.

Sailing holidays in Croatia are popular throughout the year, but are particularly enjoyable between May and October when the weather is warm and dry. In the event that you do encounter adverse weather conditions during your charter, our expert captains will be on hand to help you to navigate and ensure that your cruising itinerary remains safe.

A crewed yacht in Croatia offers the ultimate luxury cruising experience with the finest service, comfortable accommodation and gourmet dining. The professional crew will be on hand to offer you the utmost flexibility and personal attention, and they will ensure that your yacht charter is a truly memorable experience. A fully crewed charter in Croatia typically includes a captain, hostess and chef. Obligatory extras for your yacht may vary depending on the individual vessel, please see the yacht details page for more information.


Croatia’s crystal clean waters, ports and islands oozing with history and charm, world heritage sites and magnificent natural beauty coupled with some of the most hospitable people in Europe make it one of the most appealing yacht charter destinations. With an array of both relaxing and exhilarating activities on offer, every day is a chance to explore new territory.

Island-hopping is a popular activity on a luxury yacht charter in Croatia. The country boasts over a thousand islands, many of which are hidden gems that can only be reached by boat. Explore secluded coves, white sandy beaches, and quaint fishing villages. The islands also have a rich history that has been influenced by the Illyrians, Romans, Venetians and Austrians, creating a unique cultural blend.

A cosmopolitan and hedonistic destination, Croatia has a vibrant nightlife that comes to life in the summer months from June through August. Dine at upscale restaurants, shop at high-end boutiques and bars, and get a taste of the local gastronomy during your yacht charter in Croatia.

The local produce is just as impressive as the awe-inspiring scenery of the Croatian coastline. The fertile lands and abundance of sunshine lend themselves to delicious, healthy food that is bursting with flavor. Sample a slice of fresh watermelon, freshly picked figs or creamy heirloom tomatoes and prepare to be amazed by the flavours.

There are countless ways to explore the islands and mainland of Croatia, but nothing compares to a guided walking tour by a local expert. Immerse yourself in Croatia’s rich history and culture by learning more about the Illyrian, Roman, Christian and Venetian influences, and discover the country’s fascinating past.

For an even more authentic experience, visit a local winery and meet the winemaker for a chat about their process and a tasting. Croatia has an excellent selection of wines and is one of the best regions in the Mediterranean to try them. Whether you prefer to sip yours on deck while watching the sunset or at a stylish wine bar, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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