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Yacht Charter in Croatia


Croatia is a beautiful coastal country in south eastern Europe. It lies in the Adriatic sea and has numerous small islands which are a great year round tourist attraction. Croatia is a predominantly Christian country and many tourists prefer visiting the monasteries and historic architecture. Many sailing excursions are organised here and the yacht charter in Croatia offers all the facilities required by tourists.

Croatia is well known for its Adriatic coastline and several sailing companies offer charter trips to this region. The best time to visit Adriatic coast is in spring when the waters are warm and the beaches are beautifully clear. However, sailing from Croatia to the other ports of call such as Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula is also possible year round. yacht charters can cater to all the needs of a tourist group and special excursions for families are also offered by some companies. Croatia is well known for its cruising possibilities and there are a number of marinas, which offer facilities for sailing or diving.

The main cities of Croatia are Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Pula. There are several small fishing harbours on the west coast of Croatia and most of these have their own restaurants. Croatian cuisine is very different from the rest of Europe and a tourist can sample this food while enjoying his stay at the yacht charter in Croatia. Fish is cooked on board in the cooking coves and salads with local vegetables are served at the dining tables.

Hvar island is an excellent place for those who love to spend their holidays at sea. Hvar is home to several luxury yachts which are well equipped with modern features and amenities. You can choose to stay on the main resort of Split or take a holiday away to the islands surrounding the island. Croatia is becoming one of the leading destinations for cruising and if you too want to enjoy the Adriatic sun without spending much, then the Croatia yacht charters are the ideal option.

There are two main groups of islands in Croatian coastal area, the Kvarner and the Kornati archipelago. The former has several small but cozy villages that are surrounded by lovely beaches. The archipelago consists of seven islands and they are home to over 40 Croatian settlements. Yachts can be chartered with different crew members and you can choose a private yacht with a capacity of up to 200 people. Most of the yacht charter companies in Croatia have a special category for private sailing yacht charters. Yacht charters in Croatia may vary depending on the season and the distance between the islands.

Many of the private yachts available for hire in Croatia are chartered by long term local owners. These owners usually charter the yacht for a longer duration and are not looking to travel to the islands more often. They also reserve the right to make special requests like allowing children on board and other cultural activities. When renting yachts in Croatia there are some basic formalities that have to be fulfilled by both the client and the skipper of the yacht. It is important that you understand the government guidelines for yacht charters in Croatia before booking a vessel.

It is very important that you check out all the facilities provided by the Croatian authorities for you to make your yacht chartering vacation in Croatia an enjoyable experience. The Mljet is the most popular destination in Croatia for its picturesque setting at the eastern end of the Adriatic sea. The magnificent dalmatian islands are also a popular stop off point for many travelers from western Europe. The magnificent Dalmatian islands are a part of former Yugoslavia and many families visit these beautiful islands during Korčula. The summer months from June to September are the best time to spend your holiday in Croatia as the weather remains pleasant throughout the year.

In the summer months, the temperature is slightly warmer but the water is still refreshing and the beaches are great for swimming. The islands Croatia are home to several wonderful sailing courses and sailing marinas. It is possible to book a yacht charter with the assistance of a Croatian skipper who can help you get some sailing training in Croatia. Many sailing enthusiasts come to Croatia and spend a number of months relaxing and enjoying their stay at the Korčula island in Croatia.

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