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Yacht Charter in Split – Experience Croatia’s Vibrant Port City

Split Croatia boat rental

An exquisite yacht charter in Split is the ideal way to experience Croatia’s vibrant port city. Take your pick of historic sites like Diocletian’s Palace and enjoy sun-kissed beaches within moments!

Enjoy an enjoyable sailing vacation by sailing with a skipper, or take control of your own license and cruise along the mainland coastline on a bareboat charter. Using the filter by “Crew,” fine-tune your search until you find your ideal boat.

Boats for rent in Split

If you are in Split looking to rent a boat, there are a variety of options to consider. From dayboats and motor boats to full yachts – prices typically range from around $160 per day up to $560 per week and depend upon factors such as season, size, brand and capacity as well as passenger counts on board.

Croatia offers breathtaking sailing trips through secluded bays and natural wilderness, but before setting out, a few things must be kept in mind. First is understanding that by law, anyone chartering a boat in Split must obtain a license; to do this you will need to pass an exam at Harbour Office followed by taking part in a course and receiving your Boat Leader Licence Category B certificate.

Rather than going through the hassle of getting a licence, why not rent a boat in Split with a skipper instead? Though this option will cost slightly more, it will save time and effort while providing you with an incredible sailing experience! Additionally, having access to such an expert in your locality ensures an unforgettable sailing journey.

Split is a breathtaking city, packed with plenty of sites and activities for visitors to experience. A visit to Diocleziano Palace should not be missed for its intricate architecture and historic significance; Marjan Park provides breathtaking panoramic views over Split as another must-see attraction.

Split offers plenty of other things to do, from dining at one of its numerous restaurants to exploring its old town streets and narrow alleyways. Or take a day trip out to Hvar – famed for its nightlife and incredible beaches.

If you are visiting Split between May and October, the ideal time is May-October when weather conditions are ideal for sightseeing. But expect crowds during peak tourist season!

Boats with a skipper

Split, Croatia is a vibrant port city that offers something special both land and sea. Explore the narrow streets of historic Old Town (Varos), lined with charming stone houses and shops. Or discover world-renowned beaches located nearby.

If you want to explore Croatia off the beaten path, hiring a yacht with a skipper is the way to do it! Skippers on Click&Boat will gladly tailor their itinerary according to your wishes, while sharing local knowledge and privileged insights into its marine life; giving you an experience many tourists don’t see first-hand.

When renting a boat in Split, it’s essential to keep sailing season in mind. Prices tend to increase significantly during the peak summer months as ports fill up quickly with crowds of sailors; during low season you can rent for less money while enjoying all that the coastline has to offer.

Chartering a sailboat or catamaran to explore all that Split has to offer can be the ideal way to experience all this beautiful country has to offer. Explore Plitvice lakes or spend some time on Bra and Hvar islands before making your way towards Dubrovnik; once considered the center of Mediterranean trade routes!

Weekly yacht charters in Split can be booked either as bareboats or with skipper and crew included, depending on your preference. Use Sailo filters to narrow your search results and choose your ideal option; your skipper will take care of navigation and safety on board, leaving you free to relax and appreciate its breathtaking surroundings.

Sailo offers you the option to reserve the vessel of your choice for 24 hours, giving you time to decide if it meets all of your needs. Plus, customize your quote by adding or subtracting optional extras such as skipper services, hostesses services, transfer to and from marina services, snorkeling/scuba diving gear rentals and much more.

Bareboat charters

Skilled boat rentals offer the ideal way to explore Split and its Dalmatian region. Discover hidden coves, creeks and beaches that are not subject to mass tourism; sample local cuisine and wines in cozy Konobas (taverns); sip cocktails while watching the sun set into the sea at sunset – it all awaits discovery with skippered boat rentals!

When renting a boat in Split, there are various rental options available to you; whether bareboat or crewed charter. If this is your first sailing experience it would be wise to hire a skipper as an added measure for safety and comfort.

According to your budget and itinerary, you have several vessels from which to select for your voyage: sailboats, catamarans and motor yachts are all excellent choices; some even come equipped with onboard accommodation to provide a more enjoyable stay on the water.

The optimal time and place to rent a boat in Split is from May through October when the weather is at its most comfortable with warm temperatures and little or no precipitation. Unfortunately, due to increased tourism during this season you might find some boats harder to come by or slightly higher prices.

Renting a yacht in Split provides the ideal way to discover Croatia’s historic coast and some of its top beaches. Hvar is known for being a vacation hotspot and Kornati Island is home to unique geology and wildlife that make up one of Croatia’s national parks, providing ample opportunity for exploration.

There are various ways to rent a boat in Split, but what matters most is having fun and enjoying your holiday. Book with a reputable travel agency so that your expectations can be met; that way you’ll know you are safe while exploring all that Split has to offer!

Weekly charters

An enjoyable boat rental in Split allows you to explore its pristine waters and tranquil islands at your own leisure, uncovering hidden coves, stunning beaches, and ancient ruins along the way. There’s so much to see that it will keep drawing you back for more! With so much to see you may just return again and again!

Make your trip as pleasurable as possible by renting a yacht with a skipper. That way, you can sit back and let someone else handle all of the navigation and docking for you; this option is also great if you don’t possess a sailing license.

Split offers many boats for charter in its city center, from ribs and catamarans to luxury yachts. When choosing the ideal vessel for you and your group, be mindful of size and preferences; larger yachts may accommodate more people for larger gatherings of friends or families travelling together.

Renting a boat with a skipper in Split gives you the freedom to discover the Adriatic coastline at your own pace, spending as much time at each destination as desired and creating your own bespoke itinerary that best meets your travel style. In addition, their local knowledge may reveal hidden spots you would otherwise miss!

Be sure to book early when renting a yacht in Split to secure the best prices and availability. Top-rated boats often fill up quickly during summer when temperatures are hot and dry; to avoid crowds, consider planning your cruise towards the tail end of season in May, June or September.

Split’s charming coast is just the start of its charm; island hopping and visiting nearby destinations await. Paddle over to Marjan Forest Park for lush greenery and hiking trails; snorkel at Blue Lagoon or explore historic Trogir. Additionally, try your luck rafting down Cetina River or viewing breathtaking waterfalls at Krka National Park!

Are You Planning an Adventure or Relaxation Trip with Boat Rental in Split? From sailing adventures to relaxing getaways, boat rental in Split will create unforgettable memories. With various boat options available for renting, it is sure to provide the ideal vessel for any trip and help explore all that this stunning region has to offer!

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