Nautical Tourism in Croatia

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Nautical Tourism in Croatia

Over the last few years, nautical tourism has grown in popularity, especially among wealthy customers whose expected expenses exceed the average. It is a tourism product since it is synonymous with water sports (recreational events and regattas) and entertainment.

The value of nautical tourism is immense, because it will boost the services we have, and its growth will also result in the revitalization of coastal infrastructure. Also, less well-known or underdeveloped regions have promise.

In Croatia, nautical tourism is one of the most enticing forms of tourism. Many people are drawn to the Croatian coastline because of its abundance of islands, beaches, natural resorts, ports, and bays.

The Croatian Association of Nautical Tourism was established as a technical organization under the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and it is divided into four groups: Croatian Marinas, Croatian Charter Boats, Croatian Diving Tourism, and Sailing and Motor Sailboat Excursions.

It is the core that will provide all relevant knowledge to boaters while also aiming to enhance our service. Rowing, water skiing, sailing, cycling, yachting, recreational fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are only a handful of the events that can be enjoyed.