On board a Rental Boat with a skipper

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On board a Rental Boat with a skipper

Practical experience is extremely necessary at sea, and if you lack it or feel you lack enough of it, it is highly recommended that you employ a competent skipper.

You will be even more carefree and, at the same time, you will blend the fun with the practical, and you will learn and obtain experience for independent navigation with the assistance of a skipper.

A skipper’s fee is generally not included in the vessel rental price; it is paid every day and costs about 150-200 EUR per day.

Skipper sleeps on the boat in one of the cabins; larger vessels have skipper cabins.

In addition to payment, you must have food and drinks for the skipper as well as the entire crew; the skipper is treated as if he were a member of the crew. Also, if you go to a tavern for dinner, the skipper joins you.

First and foremost, the skipper is in charge of running the vessel, including sailing, navigation, and berthing, as well as planning routes and destinations with the crew.

All of these variables are influenced by weather conditions, which often trigger plans to alter. He is also in charge of the vessel’s operational management.

He assists and advises the crew on places, ensures your vacation is safe, gives the crew instructions for sailing out and/or berthing, assists with marina and port registration, and takes care of filling tanks with water and fuel.

The skipper, on the other hand, is not responsible for children, household duties, cleaning inside the boat, or contributing to the shared expenses for berths, food, and beverages.

Since he is responsible for the safety of a vessel and a crew with no experience, a skipper’s orders must be followed and respected.

Regardless of whether or not a skipper is employed, the renter of a vessel is expected to pay caution money. The caution money would compensate for any possible harm caused by the crew.